Registration infos about the FTWorlds 2010 - Hungary

In order to successfully register to the FTWorlds-2010 Hungary you need to be familiar with the following information:

  • The Hungarian Field Target Association wishes to organize a high level, safe and well organized competition for the shooters from the world.
  • You have to provide personal data during the registration. We will protect your data, they will not be forwarded to unwanted third parties. The provided data will be only forwarded to our partners clearly indicated in the registration form (Hotel reservation and Car rental) exclusively for the reservation purposes.
  • If you have any question, please send an email to us. Please use the same email address from where you will receive the registration confirmation.
  • Latest date for the registration is 31st July, 2010.
  • Only 215 shooter can register for the FTWorlds-2010 Hungary. If there will be more people who would like to register, then a waiting list will be created. The first person on the waiting list enters the 'Registered list' if cancellation happens.
  • Within 2 days after the registration confirmation email, you will receive detailed payment information emails:
    • Registration fee + cost of the Food-on-the-range + cost of the Rifle Import Permit must be transferred to the bank account of the Hungarian Field Target Association
    • The Hotel reservation fee has to be transferred directly to the Hotel within 14 days after their confirmation email.
    • In case of Car rental no money transfer is needed in advance. The details of the contract will be sent, and the personal data should be checked.


  • Registration + Food-on-the-range can be cancelled until 31st July, 2010. In this case 80% refund is possible. In case of cancellation after 31st July, 2010, no money refund is possible.
  • The cost of the Rifle Import Permit can not be refunded at all.
  • Hotel Reservation can be cancelled until 31st August, 2010, in this case 50% money refund is possible. After 31st August, 2010, no money refund is possible.
  • Car rental can be cancelled any time at no cost.

Informations about the registration form:

Registration for the competition:

  • You can register in the well known categories (PCP or Springer)
  • The registration fee for the 3 day World Championship is 60 EUR.

Food on the shooting range:

  • There will be a big tent set up right at the shooting range. A professional catering company will prepare the food on site. You can have extra breakfast on the basis of fee for service (the Hotel prices normally include breakfast as well). The buffet will be operating the whole day.
  • On each competiton day there will be a hot lunch served if you pre-order this service (hot meal + garnish + soft drink). This costs 30 EUR for the 3 competiton days.
  • It is possible to order extra daily food for 30 EUR for the 3 days if you have any accompanying person. You should indicate this on the registration form.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be served until the last shooter finishes the day, and the competition day officially ends. (Attention: there is zero tolerance in Hungary regarding alcoholic driving!!! The Police can withdraw your driving licence and your rifle if you drank only 1 small beer.) It is adviseable to drink the beers in the Hotel...

Rifle import permits:

  • The application for the Rifle Import Permits will be continuous. The Police has 30 days to issue the permit. The fee for this permit is 30 EUR / rifle.
  • As soon as the Permit has arrived to us, we will mail it immediately to the address that is provided during the registration togehter with the 'Letter of invitation'. (This may be needed for getting a Visa to Hungary in case of some countries).
  • For getting the rifle import permit we need the following certificate to be signed by your National Field Target Association. The text should contain those statements:

I the undersigned (president of the X National FTA) hereby certify that XY (passport No, living address) is the member of the X National Field Target Association. I also justify that he/she owns an X make Y type Z caliber W Joule power air rifle, and that he/she uses it exclusively for field target sport shooting and that the rifle is in a good and safe technological condition. According to our law (Act No X paragragh No Y) I certify that air rifles below X Joule power can be posessed with out any permit in our country.

Rifle transport and storage

  • It is important to know that the rifles can be transported by car only in a case. After the competition day the rifle must be stored in a place that has an official police licence. (This is important since nowadays there is some public hassle about the rifles...) This official storage can be at the shooting range (so you must leave your rifle there for the night), or in the Hotel. Please ask your accommodation whether they will have this licenced rifle storage or not. (The Hotel Divinus has it.) The Police may control the storage of the rifles during the tournament, so be careful with this.

Rent-a-car service:

  • From many offers we have selected the best possibility for the participants of the FT Worlds 2010.
  • Our partner is the Regina Rent-a-Car company.
  • They have the following offer: click here.
  • Compact category: 39 EUR / day, Standard category: 65 EUR / day, Minibus: 79 EUR / day
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • No mileage fee.
  • Highway sticker is included in the price
  • All insurances are included in the price.
  • Free delivery / collection right at the exit gate of the Airport Terminal with ready made contracts.
  • All passenger will be waited by name tables.
  • 24 hrs assistance services.
  • Car collection anywhere in Europe.
Hotel reservation:
  • Our Hotel partner is ***** Divinus Hotel - Debrecen.
  • They can offer reduced room prices for the participants of the FT Worlds 2010 - Hungary
  • The price includes: American style buffet breakfast, unlimited usage of wellness and fitness, VAT, touristic taxes.
  • Rooms can be occupied from 14:00 on arrival, and should be left before 10:00 on departure.
  • The Hotel has a parking Garage that costs 4 EUR / vehicle / day. The total sum is 16 EUR for the whole event. It is advised to park in the garage, since there are only a limited number of surface parking places.
  • It is possible to order a daily buffet dinner in the Hotel for 15 EUR / person / day.
  • The Gala Dinner is going to be organized in the Divinus Hotel, the price is 19 EUR / person.

We hope that we answered all of your questions. If not, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !
We wish you a successful registration and preparation for the competition.
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