List of the already registered shooters

The list of the FT Shooters who already registered for the FTWorlds 2010 - Hungary:

61 Springer Rábai Zsolt H Diana 75 CenterPoint 8-32X56 JSB Exact paid
62 PCP Kelly Michael ENG undecided undecided undecided undecided paid
63 PCP Calvert Lyndeen ENG undecided undecided undecided undecided paid
64 PCP Charzewski Wojciech PL Steyr LG110FT Nikko SD 10-50x6 JSB Exact paid
65 PCP Rogers Neil ENG Daystate Grand Prix Nikko 10-50x60 Daystate paid
66 PCP Old Donald ENG Walther LG300 S&B JSB paid
67 PCP Pella Kristóf H Feinwerkbau 600 Tasco 3-9x40 JSB Exact Express paid
68 PCP Petinov Viaceslav LIT Steyr LG 110 N/S 10-50x60 JSB exact paid
69 PCP Ferson Greg IRL steyr lg110 big nikko daystate paid
70 PCP Ross Dermot IRL steyr lg110 big nikko jsb paid
71 PCP Redondo Jose E Air Arms EV2 Mk3 ? ? paid
72 PCP Bustos Grimaldo José Manuel E Steyr LG110 FT ? ? paid
73 PCP Balbas Rodriguez Antonio E Steyr LG110 FT ? jsb paid
74 Springer Kays Andrew Idris NOR Air Arms TX200 MK II Nikko 8-32 x 44 Daystate Select 4.51 paid
75 Springer Paggiaro Nicola I WEIRHAUCH 977 Hawke Sidewinder 30 8x32 SR12 HW FT 4.51 paid
76 PCP Del Vecchio Michele I AA EV2 MK2 Nikko JSB paid
77 PCP Spagnoli Laurent I Steyr LG100 Nikko JSB paid
78 Springer Overland Tom Egil NOR Whiscombe JW-60 mk2 Nikko Sterling 10-50x60 JSB paid
79 PCP Combrink Jacoba Stephina SA Steyr LG110 Big Nikko Stirling Air Arms 4.52 paid
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